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We understand that, due to your busy life and demanding schedule, it’s not always possible for you to check every day (or multiple times throughout the day) on a parent, elderly, or disabled relative living semi-independently in their own home. We know you always want to be sure they are safe, healthy, and remember the important activities in their lives. We understand what it’s like. We also understand what it’s like to be alone and fearful if something should happen that no one might know for days that help is even needed. We know how important and comforting it is for loved ones to talk with someone each day.

Daily live call checks are designed to help those concerned persons fill in the gaps between their calls and visits to their elderly parents, disabled friends or relatives living alone. We always send you an email or text after speaking with your loved ones to give you a status update and the peace of mind of knowing your loved one is safe. or disabled relative or friend living independently to verify their wellness and status. Our trained staff will ascertain their current status and needs. We will check to see that they are taking their medicines as prescribed, doing their daily exercise, and remember upcoming doctors’ appointments. We then send you an email or text message updating you of their status and alerting you to any concerns that might have arisen. If necessary, we will immediately call you and dispatch our Immediate Response Investigators (IRI) to investigate any observable or reported emergency and contact the proper public safety authorities if there is a life threatening situation occurring and make emergency repairs if necessary.

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