If you do not see a specific service, do NOT hesitate to ask... We are here to help!

General Errands

  • Dry cleaning pick-up and delivery
  • Prescription pick-up and delivery and check for any expired medications.
  • Banking and other confidential services
  • Mailing/Post office services
  • Internet searches/assistance sending e-mails
  • Messenger and courier services
  • Assistance with paying bills by mail or online.
  • Meal delivery (we can pick up from your favorite restaurant or fast food place and deliver to your door)  
  • Take your car in for service and maintenance  or to the car wash
  • Walk in bill payments


Plant & Yard Care

  • Watering - Up keeping household plants as well as outdoor plants
  • Light Gardening and or yardwork and light lawn maintenance
  • Minor to major landscaping vendor referrals


Grocery & Personal Shopping

  • Purchases & delivers groceries & put all items away for you at your request
  • Check for any expired foods  and discard with your approval
  • Gift purchases (Holiday's, Birthdays, etc.)
  • Handling merchandise returns/exchanges


Light Housekeeping

  • Take out trash
  • Dust furniture
  • Water indoor plants
  • Wipe down surfaces
  • Wash, dry and put away dishes
  • Make beds and change linens
  • Wash fold laundry and put away
  • Straightening and tidying of rooms
  • Sweeping, mopping, or vacuuming floors


Transportation Service

  • Transportation to and from:
  • Hair Salon or Barber shop
  • Medical and dental appointments
  • Post office
  • Bank
  • Church services  
  • Pharmacy
  • Grocery store or other shopping locations
  • Recreational outings such as plays, movies, dinning out, senior center, visits with friends or family


Well-being Checks

  • Daily phone checks, to insure you or your loved one is safe
  • In person visitations, either daily or weekly
  • Hospital visitation, including bringing book, newspaper, games to help pass the time!


Downsizing or Relocation services

  • Pre-move planning  and  preparation
  • Sort and decide what to keep, what to give to family & what to sell/give away
  • Packing
  • Move day coordination
  • Unpacking and resettling

Pet Services

(assistance with small pets under 45 pounds)

See details

  • Transport pet to the Groomers
  • Transport pet to the Veterinarian
  • Dog Walks
  • Waste pick up (cleaning cat box, cages or small tanks or bowls)
  • Daily check in’s while you’re away on vacation or in the event that you need to be in the hospital short or long term.
  • Shopping for pet supplies (food, medications, treats and toys.
  • Feed and make sure water bowels are full.
  • Fun stuff (play time, petting, throwing the ball, cuddling and lots of love!
  • Bathing (only if a bath tub is available at your location)

We also have a special walk in the park which dogs love. We want to keep them happy, healthy, loved, and entertained. All service plans are individualized to meet the needs of your home and pets.



One hour minimum for all basic services. Additional billed in 15 minute increments. Hourly fee does not include cost of merchandise. No Refunds.

Hourly Services – $35/hour (24 hour notice requested)
*Rate increase applies after 8 consecutive hours of service. Call for details.

Buy ahead and save! Purchase 9 hours at the regular price ($315) and receive 1 hour FREE!
(Not valid for Bridal Concierge Services)

Hours can be used anytime within a 12 month period. No refunds for unused time.

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