Welcome to Boomers Errand Service

Boomers Errand Service recognizes the importance of taking care of Senior Citizens and providing them with a positive and helpful experience.  We are aware that it can be challenging to perform everyday tasks due to some of the effects of aging, and we are passionate about leaving our clients feeling taken care of and confident with our services.  If you are interested in errand services for yourself, a friend or loved one, Boomers Errand Service would be more than happy to help!     

Owner and Founder Gina Yarbrough, launched Boomers Errand Service in the fall of 2013 as a sister company of her other business Senior Mooove, after seeing the need from her clients for additional services.  Transportation and/or accompaniment to appointments, Grocery Shopping, light house work and other general errands were in high demand and since Gina found herself providing these type of services for her clients of her Senior Relocation business and she enjoyed it so much, she decided to branch out.  

Located within the Northern San Fernando Valley, Boomers Errand Service is dedicated to providing as many Boomers with the services they need in order to live a stress-free, happier and comfortable life.

Try out now and call for cleaning help +23 120 230 340

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